Welcome to Canterbury Lernejo
supporting home education in Kent
Is your child unhappy at school but you don’t know what else to do? Worried about taking them out of school? We offer a realistic alternative to school - structured classes throughout the week led by qualified teachers. For children from the age of 11 up, we have a relaxed environment with other children in small groups away from home.
A flexible approach to learning
At Canterbury Lernejo, we recognise that each learner is a unique individual. Students can customise their learning experience by selecting courses of their choice. Students can attend daily or on a part time basis.
An alternative to school
Mainstream schools, whilst the norm for education, can present many challenges to both children and parents. Lernejo was founded by a small group of like minded parents who wanted their children to flourish and took the decision to home educate. As the interest grew, Lernejo became a place of learning, away from the home, whilst still retaining the ethos and values that home education brings.
Inspiring enthusiastic, lifelong self-education
We aim to enthuse and empower young people and their families to support and learn from one another, to enable them to take responsibility for their learning journey. Some of our tutors and families have a background in the Steiner Waldorf approach to education and these ideas underpin much of our work. In particular, there is an emphasis on learning at the right level according to the stage of development of each child.
Familiar with home education but needing some extra help?
Perhaps Canterbury Lernejo is just what you’re looking for. We hold open days for those wishing to meet our children and parents. It’s a great opportunity to meet our tutors too and ask any questions you may have.
A fun, safe learning environment.
Reach For Lernejo
education support
We encourage all our parents to become involved in the running of Lernejo and to offer support to their child’s education and to watch them grow.

Parents are actively involved in the running and administration of Lernejo and therefore help to make decisions regarding the direction of the group. Parents can commit to varying levels of help, from becoming directors on the board to helping arrange field trips and special events.
Lernejo was born out of necessity in 2007 with five students, working at parent’s homes. We became an association in 2008 with parent trustees and incorporated as a Limited Company in 2013 with parents as directors and members. We moved to our current location in central Canterbury in January 2014.
Several of our students come from home educating families looking for an engaging and/or specialist approach for their teenagers. Others are youngsters whose needs have not been met in private or state education because it was too inflexible and constrained for their needs.
Lernejo support
At Lernejo we believe in taking the children on specially organised field trips a very necessary addition to learning in the classroom. See images from out latest trips here.
We encourage parents to help with continuing their child’s studying at home.
Lernejo Tutors
Meet the tutors currently teaching at Lernejo. We have a varied curriculum that covers the most important subjects for your child’s education and academic needs.
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A Maths degree and PGCE.Taught Maths in a local Primary school to undergraduates and on family Numeracy courses. Janette has taught at Lernejo for 4 years.
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Mark Taylor
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First class degree in English lLiterature from the Open University and a PGCE in English, Media and Drama from Canterbury Christ Church University
At Lernejo we believe that homework forms a solid foundation to your child’s education. As such, our tutors set regular homework assignments. Homework gives children and parents opportunity to share the learning experience together. Reasons why we believe homework is important
it improves your child’s thinking and memory
helps your child develop positive study skills and habits that will help them well throughout life
encourages your child to use time wisely
allows your child to review and practice what they have covered in class
helps your child learn to use resources, such as libraries, reference materials and the internet to find information.
helps parents learn more about what their child is learning at class.
Join Lernejo.
If you would like to apply for a place at Lernejo simply download our application form and return to us or complete the online application form here. All details are included on the form. We look forward to hearing from you.